Book Review & Essay

Submissions are OPEN.

Timeworn is always open to book, comic, TV and movie reviews, as well essay submissions for anything historical. We want to be helpful not only to our readers, but to all lovers of the genre.


Our Blog is meant to be somewhere lovers of historical fiction can find books, shows or movies they will enjoy, in a time period or place that they love.


Ideally, we'd like to highlight diverse authors and represent historical media from all over the world. 


So, tell us: what are you reading or watching and why did you love it?


  • Historical fiction novels, bonus point if it has speculative elements

  • Historical fiction TV series & movies, bonus point if it has speculative elements​ (think, Penny Dreadful, Outlander)

We also accept genre essays on more broad topics, or comparing different works. If you have something interesting you think we might like, send a pitch.

We pay .01/word via paypal. Previously published work will not be accepted.


  • e-mail:

  • subject: BOOK REVIEW (book title) or ESSAY PITCH (topic)

  • Review should be about 500 words (essays can be longer but please send a pitch first!)

  • attach review as .docx

  • For Book, please include: Title, Author, publisher, release date and a link to Indiebound.

  • For TV/Movie, please include: Show Title, Platform (In Theaters, Hulu, Netflix, etc...), release date and a link.