Issue 3, Letter from the Editors

We don’t need to sit here and tell anyone what a hell storm 2020 has been. We’ve all lived it since March, wondering what news will slap us in the face the next time we wake up. It’s been rough. Out in the big, wide world which seems to be stretching farther and farther away the longer we're secluded, and within ourselves. We grab onto whatever coping mechanism is closest at hand and grip as tight as possible. And that is totally OK.

Coming back to submissions was a wonderful distraction from all of that. We were taken to so many interesting places, carried along with so many brilliant, unique characters. It felt like coming home—especially for those of you we now recognize as 'regulars'. Thank you for trusting us with the worlds you build out of words. We can't wait to read more of your work.

The six stories selected for Issue 3 absolutely sparked when we read them, all for different reasons. But if there is a common thread binding them together, it’s how they transported us. To middle-class Villa outside of Napoli infested with rats. To the walled city of Kowloon, Hong Kong. To a stuffy scriptorium in Oxford or the basement of a Czech Opera House. From the red dirt roads of colonial Sierra Leone, to the narrow vantage point of an Anchoress’s tiny cell. All within 60 pages.

Special thank you to our Patrons, readers and twitter followers. We wouldn't be here without your continued support!

All the Best,

Casey & Courtney

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