Issue 4 Delay

To our readers, contributors, and submitting writers,

It is difficult to have to write this, but it has been a difficult year. Unfortunately, due to our personal situations at the moment, we have decided to delay the April 2021 issue of Timeworn Literary Journal.

As many of you know, there are only two of us here editing the journal. We read and reply to every single submission on our off hours between working our day jobs, looking after our families (and ourselves), and pursuing our personal writing projects. We are so pleased that submission numbers have remained steady, but pandemic life has dug into our free time, leaving us without the bandwidth to read them this time around. We believe the best solution at this stage is to hit the pause button, and hope that in a few months, the world is a simpler place to live in.

We know that there will be submitting writers who will be disappointed to hear this news--and we apologize from the bottom of our hearts. As writers, we understand how difficult it is to be creative these days, so what you have accomplished is significant and admirable. There is nothing more important in times like these than having comforting, transportive, and healing art to escape into, and so we hope you can find another home for your brilliant work.

Because Timeworn allows simultaneous submissions, we will not be considering any stories we have received or will receive for the delayed April issue. We encourage you to submit elsewhere, and there is no need to formally withdrawal your submission.

At the moment, we are not going to promise an October issue, because we all know how unpredictable life can be right now. Instead, we are going to remain cautiously optimistic.

Lastly, we want to thank all supports of Timeworn Literary Journal--readers, writers, contributors, artists, customers, and friends. You are the only reason this journal exists. It is our hope that someday the sun will go down on this devastating moment in time, and we can all celebrate together with a shiny new issue (and lots, I mean lots, of champagne.)

Everyone stay safe out there, mask up, support lit journals and indie booksellers, and keep those pens moving.

With love and gratitude,

Casey & Courtney